Darshanam Art a unit of ICA Gallery

Darshanam Art :
Darshanam Art a unit of ICA Gallery promotes an art of Pichwai, A large sized relic paintings done on cloth using natural colors and are hung behind the idol of Shrinathji as Krishna which depicts his divine stories. “Darshanam” reveals an auspicious sight of a deity Lord Krishna. We seek to promote the art of Pichwai at a time when this art-form is diminishing, with only a few hundred artists practicing this form of art all over the country. In the present market scenario, where it is not uncommon for Pichwai to be reproduced in chemical and poster colors, our vision is to maintain the authenticity of this tradition by implementing the age-old process of using natural pigments, to ensure that art connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike are treated to this exquisite art-form through the ages.

Making of Pichwai :
The Pichwai paintings prepared by the primordial technique with natural colors and the use of pure gold in the paintings add to their value and charm. For one painting, it may take three to four days to just prepare colors from pure gold and natural stones. It generally takes few weeks to months to prepare one large painting. Often a Pichwai painting is a group effort, where several skillful painters work together under the supervision of a master artist.


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